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In this statement “candidate” means any individual we approach (or approaches us) with a view to exploring further an opportunity with one of our clients.  And that individual expresses interest in being formally considered for an identified role with a named client.

It is in the nature of our work that we are provided with (and need) confidential information from both our clients and potential candidates.

“Confidential information” means (these are non-exhaustive examples):

·       In respect of a candidate: identity, information about current role, remuneration, experience, qualifications, career aspirations.  Other relevant information provided by a candidate such as a CV.

·       In respect of a client: identity, prospective role, indicative remuneration, business plans relevant to the role or future career opportunities.

Our role is facilitating introduction of candidates to clients where in our reasonable opinion the result could be win-win.  Once a candidate has confirmed an interest in a client opportunity we will share candidate confidential information with our client.  But only:

·       With the client identified to the candidate.  And:

·       Where we believe there is significant likelihood of mutual interest as between candidate and client.

​Our Privacy Policy is downloadable here.

We expect and require any candidate not to retain (to securely delete) any confidential information provided by us as part of the recruitment process.  Remembering that:

·       In order to fulfil our role it is inevitable we will relay information to candidates about progress of any application   This may include potential remuneration, benefits or possible job offers. This is in order to facilitate mutual understanding as between candidate and client.

·       Such information is provided in good faith but as general guidance to the best of our understanding.

·       No information provided by us will ever be part of a contractual relationship between client and candidate. That is solely a matter for an employment contract between employer and employee. Specifically, we have no authority to make commitments (on behalf of a client) to candidates.

Ultimately this comes down to mutual trust. Our reputation is based on both clients and candidates trusting us to manage their respective confidential information with care and sensitivity. Reciprocally, we trust our clients and candidates to be similarly professionally responsible in managing confidential information we might share with them.


Feedback to candidates

We undertake to do our best to obtain and share constructive feedback related to candidate interaction with our client.

“Do our best” means we try. We need this information as well in order to better understand client requirements. But it is not always possible to obtain meaningful consistent feedback particularly if there have been several client executives involved in (for instance) interviews.

Our company

Turing Executive Search® is a trading name and division of Cloud Careers® Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, Company No. 9266575, registered office St Lawrence Orchards, Twyford Road, Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire RG10 0HE, United Kingdom.

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